a series of unfortunate events

Saturday morning

The plan was to head out for a nice ride with Steph, the kid and the dog down the D&L Trail to Someday Cafe. We had just received our new Chrome Industries bags. I also strapped my Topeak Fuel Tank and Ass Saver on the bike for some reason. The bike being my new Salsa Vaya that had just gotten tubeless tyres set up. We loaded up my Vaya, Steph’s Surly Midnight Special, our kid’s Trek FX and the dog’s trailer and headed out to the trailhead in Easton.

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rainy ride down the d&l

very wet, rainy ride down to Homestead Coffee Roasters for breakfast made for some fun sliding around and riding almost blind with my glasses perpetually fogged or covered in fat rain drops!

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Middle Creek Gravel Grinder

Steph and I joined as sweepers for the medium route (~35 mi). It was a tough route and the finish line was one of the best sights of the day!

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morning ride into the fog

We started early in the morning, heading down to Homestead Coffee Roasters ~25 miles away for breakfast before turning around and heading home.

The cool morning fog gave way to clear skies (and Sun) for a warm ride back.