Coronacation 20 mile

Having been at home with the kids all week long, we wanted to take advantage of the warm(ish) weather to go for a decent ride. That being the case, Steph whipped out Garmin Connect on the phone and asked it to create a route for us. Criteria: 20 miles, Eastwards.

The app spat out a route, we looked at it for a minute, then decided to get ready to go (a decision we would kind of regret later). We got kitted up, pumped a bit more pressure into the tyres for the mostly-road ride, snapped our trusty Garmin Varia radars on the back of our bikes and off we went. Except I forgot my helmet. Oops.

The ride started off well (after I got my helmet). It took us down quieter (even considering the current situation) back roads with some rolling hills. I hate hills, but I try to push myself to do bigger, longer and steeper hills when I can. Though, if we had actually studied the route Garmin made for us, we would have seen that this was waiting.

This 1.2 km-long climb started off around 6-8% and ended at 12-15%. It was not fun. It was also the last of three climbs, with the previous two being about as steep or slightly longer, but not both at once.

Part of our route involved crossing over from the road to the D&L Trail. What we didn’t plan for, was the bridges between the road and trails being closed for construction (which was not ongoing due to the current situation). This meant a 4–5-ish km detour further down the trail and doubling back on the road. While I normally wouldn’t mind it, between the climbs and my general lack of fitness, I just wanted the ride to be over and detours did nothing to help my motivation. At least we had Veloforte bars for company, which is never a bad thing.

My left leg decided that the exact moment we came to a stop at our garage would be the ideal time to cramp up. So Steph made me drink some electrolyte drink she had in her bottle. Tasted just like drinking sweat. Gross.

Ride details (and a short video this time) below.

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