BonBon the quality inspector

Steph’s Surly Midnight Special came with a mix of Sram Force and Rival parts. Over the months it has caused us quite a few headaches as it developed squeaks, creaks, rattles and all sorts of other noises coming from the derailleurs and sprockets. Something had to be done.

Since I got my Salsa Vaya, I haven’t ridden my Cube Cross. The Cube came with a full set of Sram Rival 1 that has worked flawlessly for me since the day I got it. Since Steph had been wanting to try out a 1x setup, we decided to move the parts over from my Cube to Steph’s MS.

We started off by ensuring compatibility between the bikes, then taking the parts off the Cube that we were going to move over—and the corresponding parts from the MS.

This being a task neither of us had performed before, it was messy and tools got strewn about as we hunted for what we needed when the time came for it. We didn’t really mind as it was more of a learning opportunity.

Midway through our project, BonBon decided to drop by to check on our progress.

Later on we discovered that we could not re-use the existing rear derailleur cable on her bike. That meant a quick trip down to the local bike shop to get a bunch of cables and ferrules.

We finished up later that evening and the bike is now much happier than before.

Her current Midnight Special build:
• Sram Force 22 HRD shifters / brakes
• Sram Rival 1 crankset
• Sram Rival 1 rear derailleur
• FSA K-Force seatpost
• Redshift Shock Stop suspension stem
• Mason X Hunt Adventure Sport 650B wheels with WTB Horizon 47c tyres, or
• Fulcrum Racing 77 CX 700c wheels with Panaracer GravelKing SK 43c tyres

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